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Out Of My Hands

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

Get what ever out of my hands
I'm not here for long
How can I survive without you my dear
I'm afraide to let go
Of what means so much to me

Get whatever you think you can put in my hands out
Please I'm not here to play
Games without you dear I could be alone

My happyness is so unbelievvable
I'm changing so much
My schooll my change
My everything is amazing

Oh babe get what ever out of my hands
I don't play games I'm just being me
You understand heey

Looking at you everyday reminds me of so much
Being away from you so much is now gonna get to me
So get it all out of my hands
I don't want to bring that with me
With me
With me 0oooo

It's so cool

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