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No One

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

no one knows who i am
no one i know likes me
no one will give me a chance
no one will let me talk to them
no one will listen to me

i wonder why everybody dose that
inside you know i cant take a joke
i'll start to cry inside
my lifes full of nective n postive
sometimes i wright bout whatever happened
n sometimes wright bout my sad times n moments where i'd cry
you'll always seee me the wrong way
no one will ever know me no one knows who i really am

no one knows what i do
no one likes me
no one will see i have feelings toow
no one wants to hear bout my life or story
no one will except who i am
no one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooo no one knows who i am
no one knows who i am

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