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No More Lies

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

i'm here to have a chat
a chat about the one who
made me feel lost
i can not believe
that this happened
ever since you left
i've been no where

i never saw anything in life
but you you like mine no-one elases
i'm fine with you here as long as i know
no lies no trying to make me jealous
i have so much to yap about

tif this picture of us
last long you don't know how
much it means to me
it means every sent in my life
no more lies
no more lies
don't go cheating on me
with another person
don't go protecting me behind my back
no more lies

no more lies
here's a angel sent to you
from me if i die
cause your liess hurt me so much
i'm never gonna forgive or forget
i tell you
no more lies
no more lies
no more lies
no more lies

if this gets to me i'm oh so stressed
i'll go over the edge
you don;'t want that do ya
my whole ody is so over the blue
i want no more lies

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