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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

underneth my skin
is a feeling i can't say
under the feelings is trust
under my skin is my heart

yeah! OOO
i can't find my words
i lost so much
why is this not my right
to complain who are you
who are you

below the sea is sand
under the oceans are sea creatures
up way high is the sky the sky *

below the sea is all my memories
undernearth the earth here we all are
my strength last for long
my weekness is so bad
my strength won't last for long
my pain isn't going away

let the memories disapear
below is my memories
memories below the sea is sand
oooo memories
my memories

underneath is my soul
underneath is my memories
under is my trust
below the sea is the sand
let me find you a aman
to help it disspear

it's all memories
that come to me time after time
let the memories
let the time go qwick
nobody canlast forever
let the memories rise
let the memories dissapearr

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