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Letting Go

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

it's hard to say goodbye
to the one you've been with
all you're life you've knowen that person
all along that person was there with you

letting go of you're strong love
was hard i know what you would be feeling
lost hurt trashed

i don't want to be left without you alone
i cannot live without you
you are everything that means so much to me
in life you're my whole inside
in life you're mine
my words to you are nothin
but to me there everything

letting go
is hard if i got to say goodbye to you
i'd be trashed tourn apart
there would be no me without u
youve been mylife for such a long time
i can-not let you go

letting go is hard
if i say goodbye
my life has ended
i pray for you to stay
don't go
don't let go
keep innerstrength
try to stay with us all

letting goo
letting goo
letting go is hard*
be strong
be true
let all us be with you

letting go i can-not try to understand why
i love you you are my life
i've knowen you most of my growen up life
ooooo ( letting go ) ( letting go ) there's no way i can live without you
there's no way i can be strong
letting go no way in the world you're my life
my life
don't say goodbye
keep us together

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