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Just Try

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

just try
you're best
in everything
just try you're hardest
i believe you can do it
you can do it)
just try to believe in yourself

try not to get all upset cause you don't know
ohh i try so hard to get people to like me
ohh try not to get upset
if you do you're not even interested at all

dosen't matter if f you dont know
cause i don;'t know alot
and i always ttry
i try not to care about other people
i just am me if people don't like me
bad luck
i'm heere to learn
thats all don't need friends
all i need is family


just try to enjoy
just try to understand
nobody knows me
no body helps me
cause i may have a better life then them
even they probbaly dont like me cause there not happy
with themselves
ohH! i have a life don't need a nother

my child hood is so great
my mother tteachs me so much
my inside is so intellgent
just try to believe you can do i
stop complaing
just be strong
put trustin yourself

you can not know
but just try to learn
its very easy
i know!

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