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Innocent Eyes

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

Do you remember when you were seven?
And the only thing you wanted to do
Was show your mum that you could play the piano
Ten years has past the won thing that will last is that same old song
We played along made my mumma cry

da da da da da da da
Seems I'm lost in my reflection
da da da da da da da
Find a star for my direction
da da da da da d a da
For the little girl inside who won't just hide
Don't let me see mistakes and lies
Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes

Do you remember when you were fifteen
Yes I do and in fact I remember
When the kids at school called me a fool
Cause I took the chance to dream
Ten years has past the one thing that might last
Is that same old song we played along made my daddy cry

da da da da da da da
I'll sing da da da da da oh yeah!

Under my feelings
Under my skin
Under the thought oh from within
Learning oh the subtext of the mind
See creation how were see

My innocent eyes

da da da da da da oh

Innocent eyes

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