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I Believe

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

I only see through you
Strong happyness in my life
I want our perfect time together
Always forever

Don't hope it won't last forever
'Cause I know that we can be together for ever
I know I know you really are the one for me

I know 'cause I know
And I can not know
I only want you
To love me no - one elase
This thing that we have
Oh I know is strong
You can't help loving me
And not saying it
Cause your scared to let people know
Your afraide they might judge you

I know what it's like it
S hard turst me I've been there done that
Can I ever get a chance with you
Just explain how you love me in what kind of way

What is it that is making you strong about me
Is it real is it what you really cant help
I just trying to know the truth out of you
Oh love what is it? what is that feeling we all can't help

I know we've had emotions where we all feel lost
But how I feel ab0ut u I know is true
I want you to be the one
What is it what is love?

I can't explain how feel about you
It's just you I'm feeling shelow about you
I care I wonder I hope about you I put my trust in you
You say you love me then turn away why who cares what people think
They just don't know that's why they judge you
I believe the ones who think your crazy aboout loving that person
They don't know never really felt what you felt

I believe in you
Help me out here I'm telling you I love u
Nothing can stop me
No one can stop our feelings for eachother

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