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I'm Just A Normal Girl

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

People these days
What a wast of breath
They try to hard to be perfect
Man ihate it
I'm not jealous I love that I'm myself
I just think they should do better

These days I wish to sit under the stars each night
Pray that I'll always be here with my family
All I am is just a normal girl
Oh people should get that bye now

If I am high do you think ill fall
I wish someday I could learn to fly
Without falling cause that would be so great and fun

It's impossable I don't have wings
Or nothing nothing to be safe with
All I am is just a normal girl
If you're not gonna say anything nice don't say anything at all
Don't say anything at all
It's not nice
Keep that in mind

This time I'll forgive and forget my love of the life...
'Cause I had enough of getting hurt
It's time to be happy move on


All I am is just a normal girl

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