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From Now On

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

NO Going Back To the begining
one reason why it's dangerous
if you go i go with you
no lies okay you tell the truth
from now on

from now on i'm gonna be you're close friend
so don't go back to the begining trying to change you're inside
( you're trying to hard )
No time for jokes No time for silly singing voices
babe i'm here to help you move on
from now on
no lies ( no lies )

from now on i'm gonna be you're close friend
so don't try anything hush
from now on you're gonna listen to what i got to say
cuz there's no going back to the begining
( cuzz there's no going back t o the begining)
if i make you smile i know you know you don't want to
ohh! no going bck to the ebegining) ohhH!

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