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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

so much going on outside my life
so much happen round the world
there's alot on everyones plat
not many people see it really

everytime i talk tto u
u dont understand
everytime i want a moment with you
you walk away
outside my school life i
seem to be so special at home

i'm so inportent to everyon at school
i'm not the cool one
they are they all like to say nasty comments
so they feel better
some girls they just hate me cuz i got everything they all want
you know what i mean dont ya

seems only at home i belong there
seems only with friends and family are my soul mates
i'mm not the one to convince
this is getting way out of hand
nmy life is changing
can-not control myself over you!

everytime i try to talk to you
you seem to walk awaay
is there something you're hinding from me
whats going on
i wish i had a moment with you
( moment with you )
ohh everytime i try to talk
you seem to walk away
like you dont want to listen
you bad mouth
the days we have gone so qickly
wish life wasnt so short

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