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This song is by Jasmine Guy.

everyday your so so happy
i wish i was you
cause everyday i'm use to being agry
everyday you seem to change
well i might be the same
i wish i was you in heps of ways
i hope someday you'll see the real of me

everyday i believe what you say
whatever u say is funny to me
i'm a happy happy chat everyday
you say to me what you think is right to admit
well babe your so right
i wish i was you
you can tell any way
so whats wrong if you know what i feel within babe
i cant help telling the same story
all i am is me and i love that
i love to wright what i see
i love being he girl inside
i love having hopes n dreams on my side
i love everybody with me when i'm down or sick or need the surpport

i wish i was you
everyday you say so many silly things
everyday you mke me laugh
not one single time you made me cry I'm amazed .

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