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Don't Cry )

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

when you say you love me
do you mean it
i'm so tired i'm so quiet
i'm just so sick bored
feeling like i can't move
don't cry
cause you're in a bad way
please just be positive
and be strong
it's the only way
you'll get better

my strength isn't strong
believe me i can get mad
if my life style changes
my body will feel diffrent
my food change
just will be a new different change
in myy life

don't cry
cause you'rein a bad waY
donot tell me you're not strong enough
my life without you is week
there's no me without you
i am like tjhe word
of lazy old mean person
ooo i know that's not true
and you're evvrything to family
don't cry cause you're in a bad way

hang in there
i want you to know you're in my heart
always never let out don't go letting
yourself down because you're in a bad way
don't cry

if you cry i'm out of here
i'm trying to help you
and you're turning back away
please change
please don;t cry

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