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Can't Believe

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

cant believe there is girls
who always say something unkind
i cant believe what they do that they think is cool
i wish i knew what to say when they do something to me i dont like
i cant believe what is happing
i dont understand how they do it
i cant beleive the girls always play around silly with the boys

i cant believe that you are the only one who sees me amzing
i cant find anything that is what i realy need
i cant believe the girls i know love themself
i cant believe it
i cant believe they'd turn around making fun of me just cause i'm alot better then them
i dont know why ? i dont know why ?

oh oh oh i cant believe the years are going so fast
soon i'll be in a whole knew diffrences
i cant believe i'm finding who iam
cant believe no more
cant believe what other people believe
i think its so silly cant believe no more cant believe you .

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