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Be Strong

This song is by Jasmine Guy.

be strong
if you are
you'll end up strong
all you're life
i cant imagine
what life would look like without you
be strong
i know you can be strong

being strong is gonna be touch
but always remember it'll help you live
being strong is such a big way to be in life
ohh be strong and ill love you
not many people would tell me
to be strong
well i am so yeah
my mistakes in life what should ido
one part of me is dead
the other half is alive
be strong i can bring a few goodies in for you
to help you get well
be strong

( be strong )
( be healthy )
( be true )
( believe you can be strong )
( be strong )

be strong don't lose you're faIth
my innocents don't prove i can be well
all my life my mistakes are gonna stress me out

be strong
be true
be healthy
don;t give up
on me
let me showyou that
u'll be so well the next day
it's so out of control
not so many people
would tell me to be strong
i cannot imagine me survivng
be strong

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