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GOLD (2010)Edit

Jasmine - Gold
  1. PRIDE
  2. sad to say
  3. L.I.P.S.
  4. Jealous
  5. Bad Girl.
  6. dear my friend
  7. stage ~interlude~
  8. This Is Not A Game
  10. what you want?
  11. No More
  12. Dreamin'
  13. Why

Other SongsEdit

  1. Addiction
  2. B*TCH*S
  3. Best Partner
  4. I Need You To Survive
  5. I'm In Luv Wit U
  6. My Life, My Love, My All
  7. One
  8. Only You
  9. Touch Me On The Beach

Additional information

Artist information:
  • Born: 1989
Real name:

JASMINE is a performance name for Asumi (あすみ).

Years active:
  • 2007-present
Related artists:
Record labels:

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