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​Run For Your Life

This song is by Jarvis Church and appears on the compilation Fever Pitch: The Official Music of the 2002 FIFA World Cup (2002).

Hey boys,
Back in the alley, with a knife in her hand,
I think it's that girl from the autograph stand.
She looks kinda sad,
Does she understand
That we only doin' our job.
Tryin' to make her happy when we play these songs,
But now the shows over.
She's comin' over,
Knife above her shoulder.
I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya.

Run for your life. (you'll wish you had)
Cut you with a knife. (and leaves you)
Lying on the sidewalk. (with your)
Heart in your hands.

If you see a girl, with a knife,
Riding on your bus, with my name written on her face
Don't make a fuss,
Don't rush, daytime.
This girls dangerous,
To guys like me, who are on TV
Canadian celebrities can hardly believe that
You gonna act weird when you see 'em on the street.
If you seen what I seen
Then you better to believe, to believe me.

Um, hi Jarvis.
Could you sign this for me please?

Ya sure, no problem.

Thanks. Um make it out to Estero.

All right.

Oh my god. I can't believe I'm actually talkin' to you. Wow.

Did you like the show

I loved the show


Actually um, I know everything about you;
I-I know where you live (yeah) and um
And your phone number
And uh I like to watch you at night. And...


Actually um,
I like to drive by
Where you live at.
I never stop though, 'cause your wife is always home.
And I know,
If she were to look into my eyes,
She'd see that we are in love.
Yes we are in love.
I'm so glad that we're together now.

Could someone call security?!

Did you get that package I sent you?

Run for, Run for your life.
You'll be lying on the sidewalk.
With your heart in your hands.

(Trumpet solo)

(Humming/singing random words until end)