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This song is by Jars of Clay and appears…

Original video
Cynical, it's just your way
You play the doubting Thomas
Feel the scars and wipe the stains

So you fight, and retreat
And talk yourself out of believing
In any peace that you can't see

Blind words you call
Blind words will fall

You're logical, you can't find
Any reason to believe in love, you are blind

Crucify, and deny
Pass the blame and burn the mission
Till dust remains and wash your hands

Blind words you call
Blind words will fall

Blind words you call
Blind words will fall

Music by:

Jars of Clay

Lyrics by:

Dan Haseltine


Ronn Huff

Produced by:

Jars of Clay


  • Carl Gorodetsky (violin)
  • Pam Sixfin (violin)
  • Jim Grosjean (viola)
  • Craig Nelson (bass)
  • Bobby Taylor (oboe)
  • Bob Manson (cello)
  • Tim Smith (drums and percussions)


  • Produced by Robert Beeson
  • Co-produced by Jeff Savage and Matt Stanfield
  • Mixed by Keith Compton at the Sound Kitchen

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