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When You Left Me

This song is by Jann Arden and appears on the album Love Is the Only Soldier (2003).

When you left me I was inside
Of my head for a year
All the memories that were broken
Deeply buried there
Was my heart lost in the chaos
Never to be found

When you left me I got older
I had all but died
I was weak and out of breath
I could not read at night
How you kissed me burned into my skin
Every moment worlds were crumbling in

I can still hear every whisper
I can taste your lips
Just your heartbeat and I quiver
I can picture this
All the colors bleeding from the page
Just like water pouring down my face

When you left me nothing mattered
All my life undone
Only stillness only quiet
Not one ray of sun

When you left me
When you left me
When you left me
When you left me
When you left me
When you left me

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