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Breaking Up

This song is by Jank 1000 and appears on the album My Love Notes And Her Death Threats... (2000).

So you think that everyone
Has a someone in their life
To make it all seem right
Look at me
Not nessicarily

All alone
In everything
When I find somebody new
I don't know what to do
Can't they see?
I need them desprately
Here I am
And there she goes
By the time I make it up
She's already fed up
Up with me

Breaking up
It happens so fast
Breaking up
So I try
I'm trying but I'm
Breaking up
God it sucks
She mentions the words
Breaking up
Oh no
Now I think that I'm breaking up

Story goes
That everyone
Has a hard time in their life
Where nothing can go right
And with me
It's all a part of me
Now and then
I'll find someone
But after the time we spend
We end just being friends
Can't they see?
They're giving up on me

I dunno why everything
Can turn out for someone else
But never for myself, just as well

Chorus 2x's

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