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Will You Dance

This song is by Janis Ian and appears on the album Miracle Row (1977).

Someone is waiting
over by the window
just beyond the stairwell
someone's crying
Drowning in the words
of the prophets
that are written
for the dead and the dying
someone's lying
No one's buying

Someone is dying
Panic in the streets
can't get no release
someone escaping
waiting on a line
for the holy revolution
parading illusion
someone's using
Most amusing

Will you dance?
will you dance?
smell of caviar and roses
Teach your children all the poses
How familliar are we all...
will you dance?
will you dance?
light fantastic in the morning
How romantic to be whoring
boring though it may be
who'll survive
if you and I should fall?

someone is bleeding
crimson in the night
strangers, in the light
a sudden meeting
Greeting one by one
every life rund flashing
before those dashing eyes
Will you dance?
will you dance?
take a chance on romance
and a big surprise?

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