Janis Ian:Slow Dance Romance Lyrics

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Slow Dance Romance

This song is by Janis Ian and appears on the album Miracle Row (1977).

Slow dance
put your arm around me
you make me feel so old
Take me to the drive-in movie
wont't you move me now
before I get too cold
Popcorn serenader
won't you take her down easy
you make her feel like gold
Midnight crusader
when you take her easily
make her feel like gold

Boom town
hoe down
run across the track
don't look back
just lay low
Party pants running
romance interference
got to make appearance
sooner or later I'm told
Slow dance promenader
want to make her feel easy
make her feel like gold
midnight crusader
when you take it easy
make it feel like gold

What a line
was a long time
wasn't moonshine, wasn't
wiskey, wasn't even
party glow
got no looks
wasn't half-hooked
must've been some kind of book
they took that
showed 'em where to go
midnight persuader
got to break this town down slow
moonlight serenader
when you make it easy
make it feel like gold