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Fly Too High

This song is by Janis Ian and appears on the album Night Rains (1979).

Anonymous autonomous will likely get the best of us yet
Before you disappear if you can lend me half an ear, I'll regret
If I treat you like a number
It's because I can't remember your name, mmm
So have another cigarette and help me to forget why I came

Run too fast, fly-y too high, Run too fast, fly too high

On dark and lonely nights I'm only right when things are bright on the floor
Dancin' and romancin', gallivanting with a handsome I score
And if you don't believe me you should see me when I'm ready to roar
'Cause I'll lose my concentration with a new infatuation I'm sure

You run too fast, fly-y too high, Run too fast, fly to high-igh-igh
You got no past, no goodbyes, You run too fast, and you fly too high

Would you believe I was once gonna be somebody-y-y-y
I packed up my bags and I took what I had to the city-y-y-y
Man it was rough to find the best I could be
Waitin' for the limit on a colour TV
Now I've made it this far, Got a room on the park and a view
Brand new, Fly too high
Full Boar version ends here, Night Rains version continues:

Run too fast, Fly too high, Run too fast, Fly too high

Hanging around on the infield, what do you steal
But another feel at the top
Making believe in the long run, when a shotgun
Is the way to get out of the shop
Hang tail in a new jail, You can go bail
You can dance until you drop
'Cause there's no fool like an old fool, in a new school
You just can't stop

Run too fast, fly-y too high
You run too fast, fly-y too high-igh-igh
Run too fast, fly-y too high, mmm-mmm
Run too fast, fly to high (fade)

Written by:

Janis Ian and Giorgio Moroder

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