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Breaking Silence

This song is by Janis Ian and appears on the album Breaking Silence (1993).

Breaking Silence

Come into my solitude
Though I weary be
Come into my tenderness
Dream along with me
Listen to the whispers sing
Listen to the singers shout
Come into my solitude
Me and my big mouth

Thoughts unspoken thoughts unsaid
Lies of hearth and home
Children broken on the bed and left to lie alone
Things you talk around
Scum you choke on down
Come into my solitude
Step on sacred ground

We were speaking
Of values and violence
Breaking silence

Fathers who are lovers to the daughters that they own
Mothers who don't leave a child in a single safety zone
People so unhinged, that death is much too kind
Come into my solitude, step over that line

Thought i was the only one
Thought i was the only one
Thought i was the only
Thought i was the only
Only one
Breaking silence

Come into my solitude
Welcome to the wheel
Come into this wonderland
Of wounds that will not heal
Walls that do not speak
Steps that do not sound
Come into my solitude
Burn this building down

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