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The First Word in Memory Is Me

This song is by Janie Fricke and appears on the album The First Word in Memory (1984) and on the album Now & Then (1993).

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The First Word in Memory Is Me
I can see you don't know
What a memory can do
You're getting ready to go
Like goodbye's up to you

I can tell by the way
You're not falling apart
You're listening to somebody new
Not your heart

And when she's laying beside you
Like I used to do
Her lips will be mine my lips
When she's kissing you

You'll be looking at her
But it's my face you'll see
The first word in memory is me

She'll never touch you, darling
The way that I do
It won't be her fault
That's just how it is

When she's loving you
The way I loved you first
Baby, remember and know how it hurts
That's when you're gonna find out
What a memory can do
And that's when you're gonna wish
She was me loving you

But I'm here to tell you
You'll never be free
The first word in memory is me
The first word in memory is me

Lyrics by:

Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Pat Bunch

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