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Album by Janet Jackson.
  1. Morning
  2. That's The Way Love Goes
  3. You Know...
  4. You Want This
  5. Be A Good Boy
  6. If
  7. Back
  8. This Time
  9. Go On Miss Janet
  10. Throb
  11. What'll I Do
  12. The Lounge
  13. Funky Big Band
  14. Racism
  15. New Agenda
  16. Love Pt. 2
  17. Because Of Love
  18. Wind
  19. Again
  20. Another Lover
  21. Where Are You Now
  22. Hold On Baby
  23. The Body That Loves You
  24. Rain
  25. Any Time, Any Place
  26. Are You Still Up
  27. Sweet Dreams
  28. Whoops Now
Limited Edition Bonus disc
  1. That's The Way Love Goes/If (Live)
  2. That's The Way Love Goes We Aimsta Win Mix)
  3. Again (French Version)
  4. If (Brothers in Rhythm Swing Yo Pants Mix)
  5. One More Chance
  6. That's The Way Love Goes (CJ's R&B 12" Mix)
  7. If (Todd Terry's Janet's Jeep Mix)
  8. Again (Piano/Vocal)
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