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Janelle Monáe - Metropolis - The Chase Suite (Special Edition)

2008 Special Edition cover

  1. March of the Wolfmasters
  2. Violet Stars Happy Hunting! (featuring The Skunks)
  3. Many Moons
  4. Cybertronic Purgatory
  5. Sincerely, Jane
Bonus Tracks on the Special Edition:
  1. Mr. President
  2. Smile
Bonus Tracks on the Fantastic Edition:
  1. Violet Stars Happy Hunting! (The Jetsons Mix)
  2. Violet Stars Happy Hunting! (Live from the Blender Theater, Video)
  3. Sincerely, Jane. (Live from the Blender Theater, Video)
  4. Many Moons (Extended Version, Video)


Written by:

Janelle Monáe Robinson Wikipedia16, Charles Joseph II, Nathaniel Irvin III


Chuck Lightning Wikipedia16, Control Z

Produced by:

Janelle Monáe, Chuck Lightning, Control Z

Co-produced by:

Mitchell A. "Mitch0W!ski" Martian, Antwan Patton Wikipedia16


  • Terrence Brown: piano, strings
  • Janelle Monáe: vocals, organ
  • Kellis Parker Jr.: guitar
  • Sweetfish: bass
  • Control Z: organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals


Wondaland String Ensemble, Jaspects Horn Section

Featured artists:


Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) was inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis Wikipedia16 (1997).

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