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Look Into My Eyes

This song is by Janelle Monáe and appears on the album The Electric Lady (2013).

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Look into my eyes
Let them hypnotize
These eyes long to make you
A perfect work of art

Fall in love with me
Only then you'll see
What these eyes have been planning for you

You lift my heart when I fly
Good morning, good night
It's a brave new world darling
a lover's fantasy

Look into my eyes
Fall in love with me
And we'll both watch the sun kiss the sea

Fall in love with he
Cross the golden sand
There's a road winding up into sun rays

There's a staircase winding down
Think of all the heavens that you've found
May our love be so bright and so true

May our love be so brave and so true


Music by:

Nate "Rocket" Wonder Wikipedia16, Terrence L. Brown

Lyrics by:

Janelle Monáe Wikipedia16, Chuck Lightning Wikipedia16, Nate "Rocket" Wonder


Nate "Rocket" Wonder

Produced by:

Nate "Rocket" Wonder, Chuck Lightning, Janelle Monáe


Wondaland Recording Studios in Atlanta, Georgia


  • Dr. Nathaniel Irvin II: acoustic guitar
  • Janelle Monáe: lead vocals
  • Alexander Page: violin, viola
  • Grace Shim: cello
  • Nate "Rocket" Wonder: background vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, moog, wurlitzer, percussion
  • Trethan Yelurvin: horns


The Wondaland ArchOrchestra


Look Into My Eyes was inspired by the temptation of the sirens (See Book XII of The Odyssey Wikipedia16).

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