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Tennis Night

This song is by Jane Krakowski and appears on the television soundtrack 30 Rock (2010) by Jeff Richmond.

It's tennis night in America
Got some buds and some brews, it's gonna be a fight
So put down your meth, slip on your whites
'Cause here in real America, it's tennis night

Well, it's tennis night when the sun goes down
Take the car off the blocks and pour it all around
Now where the valets are hot and the bottoms are round
The way they wear them short, shorts is outta bounds

Just give a country gal some tennis
Don't give a damn it's not from Yankee stadium
You better tie up the dogs, better go call the cops
Game, set, match, the morning never stops

Serve it up and smash it the American way
(Slawomir Mleczko vs. Krzysztof Mlynarkiewicz)
All ready to play
(In a Barnett Cup semi-final, what?)

Got my lingerie in my truck, not an ocean inside
So kiss my ass New York 'cause it's tennis night
Hee haw


Written by:

Tina Fey; Jeff Richmond

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