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This song is by Jane Child.

I've been evaporating, all my colour's bled from me
Purged of my pride now I'm just hanging here
A sad remainder in the sky

Once I was new and brightly gowned
I was radiant in my splendour
But now my light is growing dimmer
And I am weaker every hour

I'll leave no swirls to testify
No evidence will mark my glory
Soon I will slip away and
No lingering traces will be found

I wish that I could reach down, and borrow from my shining hold
Effect my own transfusion, and save me from the undertow
But I can't reach my treasure, and every day I die some more
I can't feel my power, suck up what I'm starving for

I get the queerest feeling, I can hardly hear my heart
Now from horizon to horizon, I'm losing all I ever was

I wish that I could tell the truth
I let you rape me with your envy
And douse me down from red to violet
With just the splatter of your spit.
  • This song was recorded for the Surge album, but was eliminated from the tracklist.

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