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Hey Mr. Jones

This song is by Jane Child and appears on the album Jane Child (1989).

Nobody knows me like the monkey on my back
He's got control now and I'll never get it back
It's a brutal attraction, like a moth to a deadly flame
It's a knee-jerk reaction, fall to my knees and beg
Just a still little voice, just a matter of choice
Just the mention of your name
Did it have to be me, why did it have to be me
The hunter is the game
Hey Mr. Jones, you led me on
Hey Mr. Jones, you did me wrong
He'll never leave me and he'd rather see me dead
He has deceived me, I'm in way over my head
You appear every morning, and you scream when I try to sleep
You come on without warning, watch laughing as I bleed
Why you fucking with me, let me go I can't breathe
Yes the desperate have no shame
My insatiable need, my uncontrollable greed
The pleasure is the pain
Hey Mr. Jones, you led me on
Hey Mr. Jones, you did me wrong
Hey Mr. Jones, look what you did
Hey Mr. Jones, I'm just a kid
Just look at me I'm skin and bones
I sold my soul to Mr. Jones

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