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This song is by Jan Werner and appears…

You, in my sleep I see a dream come true
You, I'll always give my soul to you
In every way I fight for you
All the time I am cold
Its only when you're not here with me

You, you truly see right through my soul
You've seen, you know of all the times that I've tried
I find with you the truth within
It takes some time
But now I can see it
That your love's everywhere through the day

Fall into sorrow and grief
The other tried to take me away
I know the day his ways I saw
It's the other side of light
I know
Before he takes me
Through the darkest hour of all
It's the end

Fall every day
Find the way
I'll be here

All the night
All the moments
When you light my way
And fought with me when I was all alone
I stumbled on my way but you
You were there
You always find me
In a moment of real despair

He will give the dream
You'll find your father
When you pray
Let me hold your hand

Fall every day
Find the way
I'll be there

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