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​Don't Make Promises

This song is by Jan Johnston.

I don't need much, not really
Just walkin' and talkin' and bein' free just being me
And I think about nothing really
Just silly things
Say it mustn't touch me, it mustn't reach
It's another road it's not for keeps
Too much time has past between
Sands of time have covered me

Don't make promises
You won't keep, life is long
And the hurting's deep
Don't make promises
You won't keep.

You paint the picture perfect
With past just green and things I need
And it seems my search can never end
For peace of mind and truth of friends
And over glens that reads it all
Sorry but the curtains fall
And nothing spoken and nothing said
And no one smiled but somethings dead

Don't tell lies, don't disguise, call me'.

I'm lyin' on my colored bed
As I turn the sky is red
Colors knock me to the floor
Nothings changed and there once more
I couldn't change what's gone before
It's not to be so closed the door
Winds have changed and blow once more
Time can heal this hurting soul

Don't make promises''ll never keep