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Count On Me

This song is by Jan Groth and appears on the album Circle Of Love (1982).

Child, I know you think it's over
All your efforts have brought you nowhere
All your theories, and your bright ideas
Turned out wrong
And faith is gone
Don't give in, I'm right beside you
Can't you see that I'm here to guide you
Open up your ears
Now the time is near
When I'll take away your fears...

I've been trying just to tell you
Not to concentrate on failures
Keep your eyes on me, and you soon will see
To all your problems I'm the key
So, be quiet, and comforted
Every moment you'll be supported
I'll see you through
Like I've promised to
I have made a way for you...

You just count on me
I'm gonna take you home, you'll see
To my home in the sky
We'll be together and we'll never ever part again
Tell me, child, then why do you cry...

You've been searching, you've been praying
Tryin' to live like my word is saying
You tried and tried
You're not satisfied
Open up your eyes
You're justified!
You've been sighing, you've been crying
And I know you're afraid of dying
You need not be
Leave it all to me
I've been through Calvary...

Written by:

Jan Groth

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