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Big Jet Plane (2011)Edit

Jan Blomqvist - Big Jet Plane

Big Jet Plane

  1. Big Jet Plane
  2. Big Jet Plane (Niconé remix)
  3. Big Jet Plane (Animal Trainer remix)

Ink (2012)Edit

Jan Blomqvist - Ink


  1. Ink
  2. Something Says
  3. Awake

Time Again (2014)Edit

Jan Blomqvist - Time Again

Time Again

  1. Time Again (Original mix)
  2. Time Again (Peer Kusiv remix)
  3. Time Again (Ryan Mathiesen remix)
  4. Time Again (Jan Blomqvist club mix)
  5. Time Again (Animal Trainer remix)

Remote Control (2016)Edit

Jan Blomqvist - Remote Control

Remote Control

  1. Stories Over
  2. More (featuring Elena Pitoulis)
  3. Empty Floor
  4. Her Great Escape
  5. Dark Noise
  6. Drift (featuring Aparde)
  7. Same Mistake
  8. Dancing People Are Never Wrong (Jan Blomqvist remix) by The Bianca Story
  9. Back in the Taxi
  10. Ghosttrack
  11. Just OK
  12. The End

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Band members:
  • Jan Blomqvist - Music, vocals, lyrics, production
  • Felix Lehmann - Piano, production
  • Christian Dammann - Live-drums, videos
  • Ryan Mathiesen - Lyrics
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