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Sunshine Music

This song is by Jan and Dean and appears on the album Gotta Take That One Last Ride (1974).

You should'a seen me and the rest'a the guys,
Crusin' in our T-shirt and our white Levies!
Jump in to my car and we'd be ready to go.
Listenin to the music on the Ray-dee-oh!

Listen to the music of the Sunshine!
Funtime, funtime Music
I love that music
Sunshine love that funtime music!

Down at the drive-in we'd be playin' it cool,
Checkin' out the chicks to meet the New Girl in School.
All year around you know we'd always be seen,
Ridin' in our custom machines.

Little Deuce Coupe, Little Cobra, and a Bucket-T,
Bucket-T, Bucket-T, Bucket-T
They were hot off the line, but the one that looked
So boss to me (so boss to me)
Little GTO.

(Get'em, Get'em, gotta get'em)
Split to the beach an' try an' ride the big waves!
Everyone I know was wrapped up in the big craze!
Spent all our night time draggin' on main!
All the single girls'd drive the guys insane!

Everybody sing now Sunshine!
It's a funtime funtime music!
I love that music!

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