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Summer Means Fun

This song is by Jan & Dean and appears…

Surfin' every day down at Malibu
'Neath the warm California sun
No more books, no more homework to do now
'Cause summer means fun

Summer means fun
(Fun fun, summer means fun) summer means fun
(& the girls are 2 to 1) the girls are 2 to 1
(Lots of fun for everyone) yes, summer means fun
(Fun fun, summer means fun now)

Drive-in movies every night
Stayin' out till half past 1
Sleep in late and live it light now
'Cause summer means fun


So everybody, grab your baggies and bikinis
'Cause it's only just begun
We're gonna have a ball until the fall now
'Cause summer means fun

(Repeat chorus and fade)

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