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This song is by Jan & Dean and appears on the album Carnival of Sound (2010).

Where the mountains reach up to the sky
High above all the lights
Waiting there for me

I'm goin' up tonight that's for sure
'Cause every day's such a drag
All day long I sleep

Ah, but every night I turn on
The air is clear, the past is near
And then it's time to leave

Oh no!

I feel wasted all day long
The nothing hours, how they drag
Till the nighttime comes 'round

Now the sun's all right but I dig the night
My mind is free, there's more to see
Than any place I know

So for tonight, till it's light
A place for me, where I will be
Spending all my time


(Spoken by two guys -- including Jan Berry -- and a girl)

Have you been to Mulholland before?
No, have you?
Hey, who are you? How'd you get in my car?
I don't go in your car.
Hey get outta my car.
Where's that girl I was with?
Right here, baby.
Oh, come over here.
Who is it, a guy?
Wait a second, it's my turn now.
You already had it, man. Gimme a break.
Hey wait a second, baby.
Come on.
Get your hands off of her, man.
Hey wait.
You can't do this.
Yes we can, man. Come on.
What are you guys laughing about?
Hey, this is the police. I'm gonna bust all you people.
The police?
Oh no, no. We can't stop.
Hurry up.
Jan, get your hands off me. You got the wrong one, man.
No sir, I don't.
We don't.
I don't know why, or who, or how.
But we did it, and that's important.
Hey, somebody's got my underpants
Oh no, it isn't. No, it isn't.
No sir-ree, that's my baby.
Yes sir. You know me, baby.
It's not that, Don.

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