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So Good To Feel Real

This song is by Jamiroquai and appears on the album A Funk Odyssey (2001).

(Feels so good, feels so good!)

I woke up, today,
By the sound of,
Singing birds.
And my lips
Were pleased,
With these simple inspiration words:

You know it feels, so good,
To be real, yeah-yeah,
You know it feels, so good,
Just to feel, yeah-yeah.
La-la, la la la la la, yeah,
La-la-la-la, la la la la la, laa,
La-la-la-la-la, laa yeah,

(Feels so good, feels so good!
Feels so good, oh, feels so good!)

When I heard, the word,
something's going down
And I feel
Like a bird
In the sky! In the sky!...
(fades out at this point)

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