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Release Me

This song is by Jamie Walters and appears on the album Jamie Walters (1994).

I can still feel your teeth marks in my neck,
Your footprints on my back.
And the gris gris you sprinkled in my bed,
Is starting to make me crack.
I can still hear your twang ringin' in my ear,
Your perfume I still smell.
You brought it way down below the Mason-Dixon line,
Like your mother, you're a southern bell.

I said Release Me.
But please don't let me know.
Release Me,
But please don't let me go.

1st Bridge
All my blood's still boiling.
Like a snake, you come coiling,
Ready to strike!

2nd Bridge
All my blood's still boiling.
Like a snake, you come coiling.
When the night comes down I get a big black fear,
Like the clouds hanging up above.
I don't want you to possess me but that's how it is,
I ain't nothin' but your slave of love.


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