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Perfect World

This song is by Jamie Walters and appears on the album Jamie Walters (1994).

Now when the night falls,
I won't be there,
to cast a shadow on your wall.
Why do we act this way,
somehow the light of day,
makes our troubles seem so small.

We live & die like this,
I dare you to fight for it.

In a perfect world.
Wouldn't be too late to make it right.
In a perfect world.
I'd be holding you so very tight. Ahh ah,
In our perfect world tonight.

If you lay down your shield,
I won't hurt you.
Just let me show you how I feel.
Down deep inside my heart,
you know you left your mark.
No one can say that it's not real.

We live & die like this.
I dare you to fight for it this time.


The wheel keeps turnin'
and we're burnin' in the flames.
It's not wrong to hold on to love,
And let go of the pain.


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