Jamie Walters:No Rhyme, No Reason Lyrics

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No Rhyme, No Reason

This song is by Jamie Walters and appears on the album Jamie Walters (1994).

This fading light must be playing a trick on me.
How did you walk across the room & change the world I see.
I lost my breath, lost my sight,
And the room began to sway.
I look at you, oh. You leave me nothing to say.


Ain't no rhyme, ain't no reason.
It's just a mystery.
Ain't no rhyme, ain't no reason.
For what you do to me.

This kind of thing was not supposed to happen to me,
All the walls I built up came apart so easily.
Some kind of spell that I can't shake.
Got a hold on me,
Now I don't know if I ever want to be free.


Oh I'm falling into the mist,
And I'm face to face with a life of emptiness.
Oh I want to run. But I can't move,
Don't want to give in, But there's nothing I can do.
I lay awake & try to sort out what is true,
I close my eyes. But all I see is you.
I'm like a ghost. I'm like a shadow,
And I can't go home,
You shake the ground. Hey. That I'm standing on.