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Dog On Chain

This song is by Jamie Walters and appears on the album Ride (1997).

Don't ya know you confuse me,
Everytime you walk away.
And I feel like you just use me,
'Cause you know I'm gonna stay.
Where ya lead I just follow,
Anywhere I come to you.

Like a dog on a chain.
When you call out my name.
I come runnin' to you,
You give me somethin' sweet.
And I'll lay right at your feet.
I come runnin' to you.
Runnin' to you.

Everytime you deny me,
I still want you anyway.
And then you look right by me,
You don't hear a word I say.
Where ya lead I just follow
Anywhere I come to you.


Darlin' if you only knew,
What you mean to me.
You would never be so mean to me.
Where ya lead I just follow.
Anywhere I come to you.


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