Jamie O'Neal:You Rescued Me Lyrics

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You Rescued Me

This song is by Jamie O'Neal and appears on the album Shiver (2000).

I was a traveler travellin' alone
Crossin' that desert they call the unknown
Lost in a valley of shadows and sinking sand
Hopeless was circling over my head
Patiently waiting for my last step
I was a desperate woman in no man's land
Like an angel of mercy, emotional saviour
You took me in your arms and out of danger

You rescued me in the nick of time
I was right on the edge of goin' out of my mind
I was runnin' on empty down to a crawl
Facing a future with no one at all
And just before I found out
How life without love could be
You rescued me

The mind can play tricks when you're wanderin' out there
Making up visions out of thin air
That's why I thought I was dreamin' when you appeared
But your touch had feeling, your kisses were real
Your voice echoed like a song on a hill
Somehow you knew what my heart needed to hear
Like an angel of mercy, emotional savior
You took me in your arms and out of danger

Repeat Chorus 3 times