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Rise Above It (1994)Edit

Rise Above It
Rise Above It
  1. Rise Above It
  2. It Ain't Over ('Til Your Heart Says it's Over)
  3. What's a Good Ol' Boy To Do
  4. The Cold Hard Truth
  5. Miles of Heartache
  6. Some People (Just Can't Walk the Line)
  7. My Little Lady (Ain't My Little Lady No More)
  8. 50,000 Names
  9. For Reasons I've Forgotten
  10. I'm Livin' For You

Beautiful Obsession (2001)Edit

Beautiful Obsession
Beautiful Obsession
  1. Come Swim the Rivers With Me
  2. Beautiful Obsession
  3. I Surrender
  4. Don't Make Me Break Her Heart
  5. Can't Get You Out of My Mind
  6. Lovin' You Against My Will
  7. That Ain't the Way I Heard It
  8. See If I Care
  9. Pretend
  10. Blessing and the Curse
  11. If It Will Make You Mine
  12. Mantra
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