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Lookin' Good

This song is by Jamie Cullum and appears on the album Pointless Nostalgic (2002).

As long as you're lookin' good

You can win the admiration, of the common population
you can be a star, as long as you're lookin' good
if you have made the main connection, you can win the next election,
don't care who you are, just leave them mesmerised,
give their eyes a picture to play with
and you will be so suprised, at just how much you can get away with
as long as you're lookin' good
let that be your main credential, you'll get treatment preferential
it's a rule, you're essentially higher-class,
remember you can't look back
as long as you're lookin' good

you can tell the world to shove it, show 'em crap and make 'em love it
oh! you can run their life, as long as you're lookin' good
they'll believe you'll walk on water,
even trust you with their daughter, or somethmes even their wife,
don't have to know a thing, just look like you're a sensation,
don't need to dance or sing to get that standing ovation
as long as you're lookin' good

you can show up late for dinner, play the saint, or play the sinner
a lank, a crank, a rank beginner, or just look fab,
remeber you can't look back, as long as you're lookin' good

long as you're soundin' good

long as you're lookin' good

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