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Wild Man From Borneo

This song is by James McMurtry and appears on the album It Had To Happen (1997).

I'm the star of Captain Midnight's traveling show
Came to this circus many moons ago
My mother's in your story books
She loved a jungle king
Left me standing here alone
Inside the center ring

In a bamboo cage I crossed the raging sea
Like a page torn direct from history
A hairy scary legendary screaming souvenir
Don't you come too close to me
Don't you come too near

I'm the wild man from Borneo
The wild man from Borneo
You come to see
What you want to see
You come to see but you never come to know of

The tattooed lady left the circus train
Left all of her pictures in the rain
And I wonder if you're happy
I wonder if you're free
I wonder if you'll ever know the mark you left on me

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