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Peter Pan

This song is by James McMurtry and appears on the album It Had To Happen (1997).

Beer cans to the ceiling
Ashtray on the floor
Laundry on the sofa
Need I say more
I walked out with my hair wet
I caught one awful cold
Should have been more careful
Should have done like I was told
I can't believe it
How could it be
Just like you said could happen
So it did to me
Just when I might have seen the light of day
I crossed my eyes till they stayed that way

I keep my distance
As best I can
Living out my time here in Never Never land
I can't grow up
'Cause I'm too old now
I guess I really did it this time mom

The boogie man came calling
I said I wasn't home
He didn't believe me
He wasn't alone
He had my number
He got my goat
He bought my ticket
He paid off my note
And he left in a hurry
Said he couldn't stay
I guess he had his reasons
I'm not the one to say

Lets go chase tornadoes
Just me and you
You don't often catch 'em
But man when you do
Just take my catch rope
And crawl out on the wing
We won't come down till we own that thing
Then we'll sit out on the front porch
Quiet as a mouse
One last time before they close on the house

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