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Why So Close

This song is by James and appears on the album Stutter (1986) and on the live album One Man Clapping (1989).

Why so close

Big boys in black hats
Cowboys with white guns
White guns shoot blue white
Blue white baptism
No buffaloes
No Indians
No more buffaloes

Red sky is falling
Blue blood no stalling
White heat will strip you
No time to run far

Ivan's built (got) a wall of lead 'round his house
Nobody can get in or out
Running out of food for ammunition
Frightened of the darkness
Sending out scouts

Why hang the fire so close

Why so close

Wayne's got a wall that's much more subtle
Wore headphones since he was born
Watches Ivan through dark glasses
Hand ('s) on his gun waiting for the storm

One false move and we all fall down
No funeral games, no such fun
Here's your ticket to the party
That's what you get for playing with a gun

Six-gun so close

Why stand the fire so close


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