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This song is by James and appears on the album Strip-mine (1988) and on the live album One Man Clapping (1989).

I'm in a crowded room - I've been half-asleep
Says the sister in uniform
"Has everybody understood?"
The listeners turn and nod
But I can see their fear, do they know more than me
Do they know why they're here

I don't want that poison in

She passed around a potion - it went from lip to hand
I took a sip, a taste I didn't understand
The woman then explained that this was the juice that causes pain
That all great singers need
There must be some mistake
I do not want this seed
Think I'm in another's dream
Now I can feel this creature flapping in my throat
Try and throw it up
But my cough turns to a choke
Put my fingers in my mouth
I have it by the head
It dug into my jaw
I threw the sucker to the floor
Sucker to the floor

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